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NSSA East Coast Championships

By April 8, 2014News

Sophie Surfed through 4 solid days of competition at the 2014 NSSA East Coast Championships, Placing 2nd in Explorer Girls and 3rd in Open Girls.

Finals day was amazing Sophie had an awesome final heat in explorer grabbing the 2nd place finish with explosive surfing and dueling it out with Caroline Marks who went on to get the win. Later in the day for the Open final, Sophie was winning for 17 minutes, But 2 waves in the dying minute came in that she was not in position for and unfortunately in less then a minute put her into 3rd with 0:1:30 left on the clock there were no more sets and her Title hopes were dashed. Hold your head up high Kid you Made the finals surfed amazing and grabbed some confidence to go get the next one!

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