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Surfie Sessions Blog

Florida Surfer Sophie Falzone, Blogs about her experience growing up as a surfer and all the adventures she has while on her quest to becoming a pro surfer one day.

So if you want to see what it’s like to grow up a surfer just tune in to this blog.

Shredding the gnarr!

By Surfie Sessions Blog

The summer is over and school has started. I surfed some awesome waves from the past swell. They were about 4-6 foot and really fun! But the swell only lasted for a week. I got some really good pictures of me surfing some nice waves! Last week I had some family come and visit me. I had so much fun! I also got a bow and arrow! I set up some targets in my backyard and tried my bow out! I’m getting really good at it! On Saturday we celebrated my moms birthday at a really good Italian restaurant. Then on Sunday my mom and I went shopping. After that we came home and relaxed. I miss summer!


By Surfie Sessions Blog

This month was super fun! The first week I went to new jersey. We surfed, visited family, and went to the board walk! It was loads of fun! After the long drive back to Florida we surfed all week long. Then my BFF, Fallon’s little brother was born. (Congrats big sister!) last week my friend Avery stayed with us for a week because the US surf coach, Sean mattison was in town for his camp. We had to wake up at 6am and get to the beach by 7am so he could coach us. After camp Avery and I stopped by the skate park and skated are pennies down mini ramps! Once the week was over I was sad to see Avery go back to her home in Stewart. Last weekend I got stung by a man-o-war twice while I was surfing, it hurt really bad! on Tuesday my cousins are coming to visit from Colorado. We are going to go to Disney world for two days with them. I can’t wait to see them! I also hope there will be some good waves soon!

Busy, busy, busy!

By Surfie Sessions Blog

Wow, I have been super busy! First I want to start off by saying thanks to Kyle for the new Arnette sunglasses called the dibs. They are really cool! You can switch out the arms and make them different colors. I also have been doing jr. Lifeguard camp. I learned CPR and all about the ocean! And I met a lot of new friends. My BFF Fallon has been learning how to surf, and she’s getting better everyday!

On the 16th of June at the beaches museum I did a fashion show, modeling cute clothes from the store kyds. I was also included in the museums 50 years of women’s surfing exhibit. The show was really fun but the beaches museum can get really creepy at night because, I saw a ghost! Molly, Maddie, Fallon, and I were in the elevator and the button to the first floor wasn’t working,so that means we were stuck! Then all the sudden the storage doors on the elevator opened. (the elevator has 2 doors one for getting off and on and the other for storage) We all saw an orb flash by and a misty figure! We were all screaming in the corner! Once the storage doors closed and the normal doors opened we ran down the emergency stairs screaming our heads off! The most insane thing ever that blew my mind was, when we found out that the only way the storage doors could of opened is if someone inside that room pressed that button!!!!!!! That was really creepy!

I got my new “4 5” short board and I hope I can try it out on some good waves. Thanks mike! šŸ™‚

One crazy week

By Surfie Sessions Blog

This week has been so crazy but fun! First, I got to see Fallon. I was super happy! A few days ago we went for a bike ride in dutton island. As we were riding on the trails we stopped at a dock so we decided to check it out. As we were walking on the dock, there was a trash can and out popped a RACCOON!!!!! Fallon and I screamed and ran as the raccoon chased us down the dock. We finally escaped the raccoon. Then on Saturday Fallon, Emmi, and I went paddle boarding and saw dolphins! Then today I went to adventure landing water park with Fallon. This week was so fun! I can’t wait till summer!!! I also got the new freestyle stickers in the mail, thanks chad! šŸ™‚

So Stoked!!!!!!

By Surfie Sessions Blog

Waves are cleaning up! I can’t wait to get back into the water! I also can’t wait for my BFF, Fallon to get here. She’s on her way here from Honolulu Hawaii and she has to fly all the way to Jacksonville FL. That’s a long flight! I can’t wait to get her out surfing, and spend time with her while she is here for the month!

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