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Surfie Sessions Blog

Florida Surfer Sophie Falzone, Blogs about her experience growing up as a surfer and all the adventures she has while on her quest to becoming a pro surfer one day.

So if you want to see what it’s like to grow up a surfer just tune in to this blog.

What an Awesome Summer

By Surfie Sessions Blog

This summer was so fun! I got out of school in June and we had a fun swell here at home for 2 weeks, then it was off to California for 8 days to surf at USA Championships at Lower Trestles. We stayed in San Clemente and did the Trestles hike every morning with my friend Avery, we surfed Lowers and Uppers every day and then T-Street at night the waves were so fun!!! I do not like kelp though it’s slimy and freaks me out, but it does make your hair feel soft! And it keeps the waves clean! Usa Championships was fun and I met some new friends from Cali and Hawaii.

When we got home my BFF Fallon was here from Japan, she stayed the whole summer and I was so excited to see her, So we went to lifeguard camp together it was pretty fun. We surfed and swam everyday for the next few weeks. And then off again to Costa Rica. It was my first time leaving the country to go surfing. I went with a bunch of my friends to a surf camp with Lisa Andersen she is a 4x world champ and a really awesome person.
Lisa surfed with us and gave us tips everyday, the waves got pretty big so that was challenging but I figured it out! Costa was really cool, we saw monkeys, iguanas, crazy birds, horses, and even a tarantula preety cool stuff, Dirt roads, great surf, clear water it was awesome.

I also helped Tiffany with Jax surf training out with her surf camp that was fun working with all the kids.

I Also started working with a new coach Evan Thompson is his name, and he is a pro here in jax beach, he’s been training me to be a really good contest surfer so I can hopefully do well at prime this year, I want to try and make the USA team, I know that I have got to work hard. There is only 2 weeks left of summer vacation boooo, but it has been really fun!

Surf Training

By Surfie Sessions Blog

I have been training very hard the past few weeks. I have also been going to Kona skate park and riding my awesome penny down some ramps. Sorry I haven been blogging in a while. I have been really busy surfing. I recently made a page on Facebook so be sure to like it! just search Sophie falzone. Anyway I have a lot of things planned for this year. In spring I will be going to Colorado to visit family and go snowboarding. Also I will be going to California in June,and I will be going to costa rica in July. I can’t wait till summer! And I can’t wait until theres some good waves! I have been doing this really fun work out with my carver skateboard. I can’t wait to surf!

Happy holidays!

By Surfie Sessions Blog

Well, sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. My trip to Hawaii was awesome! I shredded the gnar and saw some pretty big waves! I trained with the hawaiian surf coach, coach Kahea. He really helped me improve my surfing. He was so helpful. I spent my 13th birthday in Hawaii with my best friend Fallon. A few days later i went trick-or-treating. Fallon and I were nerds for halloween and we got tons of candy. Once it was time to go back home I was so sad. When we finally got home, my dog mulligan was going crazy! He was so happy to see us! I surfed some good waves in November and I had the most amazing dinner on thanksgiving.A few weeks ago we put the Christmas lights up. And now I’m getting ready for Christmas! Well, happy holidays!


By Surfie Sessions Blog

Well to start off,I ended my September with the surfing America prime series in new jersey! I had a lot of fun there. I visited family, surfed, and I got to show my friend Avery how awesome the boardwalk is! I ended up coming in third place. I was sad to leave new jersey, but I was ready to get back to warm water. Hawaii count down! Im sooooooo excited to go to hawaii and see my best friend Fallon! We leave on Monday the 22nd! In Hawaii I will be working with a surf coach, and I might surf pipeline depending on how big it is! I can’t wait! I also got a new surfboard with the Powerpuff girls on it! It looks amazing! It is a “4 7”. I can’t wait to ride it!

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