SRF: Sophie Ray Falzone, AKA: Surfie

Age: 17  |   Years Surfing: 13  |   Local Surf Spot: Jacksonville Beach Pier, Florida

Sophie is a fun loving young gromette with a great attitude and kindness for others. While sometimes she may seem shy, don’t let her fool you, she is a fierce competitor. She trains at least an hour a day by surfing, swimming, exercising and generally perfecting her craft. When she is not surfing or training, she can be found skateboarding, snowboarding, drawing, studying, watching surf videos, playing with her friends or hangnin’ out with her dog Mulligan.

Sophie’s competitive record has been steadily growing since 2008 with 2 Grom Series Championships, NSSA, ESA, Surfing America Titles and numerous contest wins, over 100 events on her ever building resume. She is steadily building her name in the Florida surf culture, with her sights set on winning East Coast, National and U.S Championships in the near future.

Academically Sophie is an Honor-Roll student, ESA All-Star, and she loves art. She is very respectful of her peers, teachers, coaches, trainers and all people that she comes in contact with. As well, Sophie strives for excellence in the world of academia.

Women’s surfing is rising to higher levels every day. With Sophie’s natural talent, devotion, and passion, she is destine to take not just women’s surfing to new heights, but she will blur the line between men’s and women’s surfing.

See you in the Water!


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